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John’s Ghost Video Investigations, Ep 2

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

So Wong and I were just hanging around the park the other night, having a few beers and working out a basic basketball hustle that we could pull on the local sixth graders. I was trying to convince him that dressing like a woman would inflate their egos… and our wallets when I caught Dave’s “what the cock is that” look pointed at the tennis court.

I turned and immediately picked up on the source of his worry. It was a woman. Dressed in a short, white tennis skirt. She was carrying a racket and a small bag of tennis balls under not one but two boobs. And she was headed right for the court.

“Great,” gayed Dave through his fatness. “We can’t even go to the damn park without them following us. Is there nowhere safe anymore?”

“I dunno,” I sexily said with my chiseled manface, “it could just be a regular chick out to get her tennis on.”

Dave sighed and it made his cheeks jiggle. “John, that tennis court hasn’t had a net in over twenty years. What kind of freak plays tennis alone without a net?”

“Dude, you’re just being paranoid. And also enormous. I know a lot about women, and what I’m looking at right now is 100% pure American hunch-flesh.”

Wong gave me a look like he was going to ask me to clarify something, but he must have decided against it.

“How much you want to bet,” he asked.

I pulled another beer from the pocket of my cutoff jean shorts and said, “If I’m right, you buy me a case of beer. Not shitty beer, either. The kind that when you puke, it doesn’t hurt your throat.”

“Done. And if I’m right, you do the website updates until I decide otherwise.”

We shook hands and strode over to the young woman and her boobs. She was setting down her equipment when I stepped up behind her.

“Hi,” I smiled and extended my hand. “I’m John.”

She smiled back and introduced herself as Sarah. I wasted no time in finding out whether she was human or not. I pulled out the most surefire ghost test I knew.

“So there’s a bathroom right over there. Wanna go whip around my dong?”

She stared at me in horror for a few seconds and then spat out, “Uh… no thank you. I’m just… no.”

I walked away, pulling Dave with me. “You win. She’s definitely not human.”

So as a man of my word, I’m doing the updates for a while. Here’s Episode 2 of my ghost video investigation… video.

Also, I totally ended up fucking that tennis chick.

Buy the book, if you wish.

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  2. Sir_Wanks_A_Lot says:


    So…How was the sex with the Phantom of the Tennis Courts?

    Describe every erotic detail of it.

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  4. Xsile says:

    The last video is clearly a faked by the police department. Note how the cop car at no point in the chase comes close to the car and if you watch closely at the end when the car veers off to the side if you look at the fence the top bar of it is slanted downwards showing it’s not connected on the left side, conveniently the side the “ghost car” drove on. By the time the cop car turns the other car has already completed it’s turn and has straightened its path making it seem like it went through the fence when it really drove past the empty area to the left of the fence. Nice try policefags.

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