Jason "David Wong" Pargin

What more is there to say, really? After being the first person to walk on the moon, Jason Pargin retired to a solitary life in the foothills of West Virginia, where he spent the next 30 years scribbling his manifesto on complimentary magazine samples. That, of course, became the original draft of the 1994 comedy Airheads

Writer’s bio

S ince the dawn of time, mankind has battled with the ideas of good and evil. While there is no definitive answer on morality, Jason Pargin has spent the better part of 61 years expressing the duality of man through various meat-based mediums.

Currently Jason Pargin is the Executive Editor at Cracked.com

He is not seeking a 2020 presidential run at this time.

Are the most dangerous creatures the ones that use doors or the ones that don't?

Jason looking at you

Jason looking at Jason looking at you

T here is probably a lot more to cover, but I'm afraid we are out of room.